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About all this

Just to give you a rough idea of what this is all about; We're shining a light on the perfectly good ideas that never made it past the client presentation, Dragon's Den pitch, or your parents' garage. Give us the short of it, we'll post it up and let the rest of the web at it.

If you want some cred for your stroke of genius just put your preferred form of communication in (Twitter, carrier pigeon, AOL Instant Messenger, whatever).

If you're needing some ideas for some stuff but the inside of your brain is just playing that Crazy Frog song then you've come to the right place.

If you've ever tried one of those search engine contraptions, just use this the same way. Type in "coffee" or "airline" and see what comes your way.

If you find an idea that is up your alley, take it, steal it, or ask nicely. These ideas are all under Creative Commons license, and powered by Karma. If the idea-maker has left their contact details it's pretty nice to hit them up and say "Thanks mate!" or "wanna work on this with us?"

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